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PODCAST - What Mask are You Wearing?

To cope with life, many of us use masks to protect our emotions, personality and other traits. In this episode Jimmy and Lori share their thoughts and ideas to help you cope with real life and recognize when you are using a mask to cover your true feelings instead of addressing the challenge with honesty for your best life.

Episode Keys

  • How using a mask of projection gives you emotional space to deal with challenges to your core beliefs.

  • Why your best approach to dealing with challenges in life is to be yourself and grow through your own feelings.

  • The world needs you to be the best you possible each day because you have a purpose to fulfill on this planet!

  • One of the most often utilized masks is the mask of protection. Lori and Jimmy discuss this one for coping with times of confrontation and discomfort.

  • When to remind yourself that you are capable and confident to achieve all that you desire with your honest emotions and feelings that allow you to communicate with the world.

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