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The LifePlan Solution™

The LifePlan Solution™ is a unique process to wealth management that assists clients in discovering, clarifying and documenting their financial goals and priorities. This unique process offers clients the understanding and importance of following their financial desires and reaping the tangible rewards of a written roadmap to their ultimate success in life. Our team at Compass Capital Management provides customized care and professional financial knowledge through The LifePlan Solution™ process.

Once your goals have been established, appropriate strategies to suit your vision and objectives will be customized using the following phases of The LifePlan Solution™

Strategic Needs Snapshot

This is your initial meeting with a member of our team. We will ask you to bring in a variety of documents and ask you several questions about your present and future goals, sort of like a “snapshot” of what your needs are.

The Solution Formula

Based on the results of our Strategic Needs Snapshot™ meeting, we will develop your own personal Solution Formula™. During this follow up meeting with our team, we will determine your current financial status, review the appropriateness of risk management, determine suitability of your current financial investments, and establish the framework for your financial goals. We will review quantitative and qualitative matters to assemble the structure of your “solution.”

The Financial Roadmap

This is the “implementation” meeting where one of our team members will clarify and simplify technical yet fundamental information on your Financial Roadmap™. You will experience specific action steps to help achieve your financial goals and address your specific concerns identified in Phase 1 with measurable tasks to provide confidence that you are on the right track.

The Connective Advantage

Our team will provide quarterly/semi-annual interactive meetings and guidance to help keep you on track. Our only goal is to see you reach your expected results. Through a combination of your willingness to participate in the process and our firm’s experience and guidance, we believe we can work toward a lifetime of achievement.

The Navigation System

As with any journey, there will be challenges and sometimes unexpected blessings. Be assured, you will not face these circumstances alone. Our team will always be available to provide continued guidance during those times of decision-making and anytime adjustments to your LifePlan Solution™ are required. Your LifePlan Solution™ will result in a lifetime of achievement.