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PODCAST - Three Money Questions to Ask Your Partner

Lori and Jimmy tackle difficult questions that must be asked of your life partner to create a bond of trust. These questions are not new, but how you pose the questions and the proper attitude in which the discussion is held make a tremendous difference in the outcomes. A little humor, a lot of fun, and serious business, all rolled into one episode will help you become a better partner and gain a significant understanding of each other’s thinking about money.

Episode Keys:

  • Why it seems so difficult for couples to discuss money when each of you hold a different approach to use of the funds.

  • How to broach the subject with your significant other in a manner that is nonconfrontational.

  • When and what frequency you should be discussing your finances with each other.

  • Help each other understand the definition of “emergency” and how to support each other in the process.

  • Learn Jimmy’s secret to sharing money concepts and ideas with your mate that brings greater harmony to the relationship.

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