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PODCAST - Three Money Habits Grade School Should Have Taught You

Stop what you are doing as you plan to listen to this episode. Think back on your life recalling the places and activities you learned some of the most impactful lessons and life philosophies. In this episode, Lori and Jimmy share some of the their most powerful life lessons and where these impactful stories were discovered. You will be surprised! Episode Keys:

  • How lessons can be learned in all areas of life and in any circumstance you may find yourself.

  • Why you must reflect on moments in life that give you empowerment through new philosophies to gain better understanding of the world.

  • When you are experiencing some of the most difficult periods of life, you will gain more understanding to guide your future.

  • Who you find for inspiration should be a example to you in creating your own experiences when faced with a similar situation in life.

  • How lifetime habits start from childhood and serve you well for decades!

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